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 Working Together

Employees are human beings. Every workplace involves complex daily interactions between people of different attitudes and application, ability and durability.

Our factories and offices are high-pressure zones; service expectations, performance targets, efficiency drives and new technology – in both the public and private sectors - are all placing increasing demands on employees. Not all cope well.

Workplace relationships – upwards, downwards and sideways - are fundamental. Failure to address problems results in dissatisfaction, conflict, stress, absenteeism, under-performance, high staff turnover and, more and more frequently, Employment Tribunal cases. Yet many managers say this is the area they feel least equipped to deal with.

a2 Consulting has extensive experience in helping companies and organisations shape and implement best practice policies and procedures covering well-being at work in its widest sense.

We assist employers to measure the true feelings among their workforces and to address identified issues. We design and deliver bespoke training and stress management programmes, courses on the prevention of bullying, harassment and discrimination and the promotion of workplace health. Our services include professional mediation and internal and external communications.

Many caring organisations, large and small, are seeking expert help to protect themselves and their greatest asset – their people. Experienced, independent advice and practical support is a powerful tool.

Our Services include:

- Strategy & Organisational development
- Stress management & Risk assessment

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